Hey there! Here's another collaboration by Kritika, Pranav and me. Hope you like the Rebels! 😀 We scream we shout, We live with doubts, The color in this black and white world, The ones who shout out! Can't live with us, Can't live without, Attempts to tame us? Will go in vain, no doubt. (Sakshi)... Continue Reading →


A Day to Myself

Hey there! Here's another collaboration between Pranav and I. Enjoy! आज खुद के साथ एक पल बिताना है, कुछ किस्से दफन थे जो ज़हन में, आज उन्हे लफ्ज़ों में पिरो, उनके बोझ को परे हटाना है.. आज खुद के साथ एक पल बिताना है । जो खो गई थी हंसी, औरों की राह ताकते- ताकते,... Continue Reading →

Sleepless Nights

Hey there! This is the first time I am posting something of this sort. Here is a poem I wrote, and its Hindi translation by my friend. Hope you like it. 🙂 When the stars stay awake, Giving me company, When the mind wanders, Playing delirious symphonies.. When the mind wanders in distant skies, It... Continue Reading →

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