A Meeting with the Wings of Steel (HAL Aerospace Museum)

Hey there! Okay, first things first, the title can be a bit misleading, because the Airplane wings aren't always made of just steel. But, you'll grant me this much creative freedom, right? Right? How are you all? I'm just fine here, trying to do my work while mind is wandering, thinking about everything that is... Continue Reading →


The journey

There are no shortcuts to a place worth visiting.. The journey's daunting, But that's the only thing that'll matter, As the memories start piling.. You fall.. You crawl.. You lose your mind.. The memories are flooded, with things left behind.. You shiver.. You wither.. A flower facing the cold.. You find things happening, the things... Continue Reading →

Breathtaking Sinhagarh! :D

Hola!! Today, the bug of posting something new bit me. I’ve only been posting poems, stories and the award nominations I get. This would be the first post about a travel experience, kind of like a diary entry. Without further ado let me tell you about my amazing experience to this astounding place, Sinhagad in... Continue Reading →

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