It's like an animal, Slowly gnawing its way, Into your being. A drug, Silently entering your veins, Rushing through the bloodstream, Till it leaves you, Defenseless Addicted, And all you can do, Is submit to its powers, Give in to its delusions, Till it lasts. All Rights Reserved. © Image Credits: Pixabay


Salt water’s the cure

The sea, once it casts it's spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever. -Jacques Yves Cousteau What is it about you, that keeps me pulling back to you? Is it the calmness? Why do I just want to sit beside you, doing nothing? Just let your waves touch and go. Aren't these like... Continue Reading →


Love, Was Atlantis, A utopian vision at first, To save me, From the dystopian vision, Of the future, For the scathing remarks To vanish. Love, Was Atlantis, Magnificent from the outside, A vision to hold on to, Fading, as I looked closer, The dystopia, Had its own allure. Love, Was Atlantis, As it advanced with... Continue Reading →

Blogoversary #3

Hey there! Hope things are going great with you. And if they aren't, hope it gets better. It's been a while since I wrote a blog post. Just some poetry now and then. Thank god! You've stayed till all that. Anyway, today's post is all about you people, and this blog of course! This baby... Continue Reading →

Camouflage of misery

I tread into the woods, Dark and deep, With the silvery moonlight, Dropping down the leaves. I wear the camouflage, Of misery as my shroud, Hiding from myself, Hiding from the crowd. Embracing the empty in me, I fill my lungs, With the moonlit tranquility, But still hide under the blanket, Of unattainable daydreams, Pining... Continue Reading →

I want to write about, How every nook and corner of this world, Tells a story, Of dreams and destinies, Of fantasies and realities, I want to write about, How the truth changes, In every crevice of the world, How just black or white don't exist, There are always greys that were uncalled for, I... Continue Reading →

Of Matchboxes and Promises

Were you the same person, Who told me how he was heartbroken, When his mom threw away, His matchbox collection, Were you the same, When you told me about, The things you liked to collect, From stamps to coins, Were you the same? When you promised every time, To show up, But never did. I... Continue Reading →

Slipping into the dark

I slipped into the dark side somehow, Early in the morning, The darkness loomed above my soul, It looked a lot like you, A lot like your dark eyes, Gloomy but fiery, The darkness that left me enticed, And I wondered still, Wondered if it was alright, To slip into the darkness, Just one more... Continue Reading →


Struggling to keep your chin up, Struggling to erase the frowns, You wonder how the days went dark, You worry about the crumbling towns, And then it hits you, A wave, Of melancholy in a shroud, And without you even knowing, You drown in the crowds, Sinking deeper down the sea, Of melancholy, You wonder... Continue Reading →

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