Of Matchboxes and Promises

Were you the same person, Who told me how he was heartbroken, When his mom threw away, His matchstick box collection, Were you the same, When you told me about, The things you liked to collect, From stamps to coins, Were you the same? When you promised every time, To show up, But never did.... Continue Reading →


Slipping into the dark

I slipped into the dark side somehow, Early in the morning, The darkness loomed above my soul, It looked a lot like you, A lot like your dark eyes, Gloomy but fiery, The darkness that left me enticed, And I wondered still, Wondered if it was alright, To slip into the darkness, Just one more... Continue Reading →


Struggling to keep your chin up, Struggling to erase the frowns, You wonder how the days went dark, You worry about the crumbling towns, And then it hits you, A wave, Of melancholy in a shroud, And without you even knowing, You drown in the crowds, Sinking deeper down the sea, Of melancholy, You wonder... Continue Reading →

Stranger Tides

I lost myself on stranger tides, With this mind of mine, I went on a ride, To the moon-lit banks, And the starlit skies, I strolled across the banks, Too afraid to dive. I lost myself on stranger tides, Found faceless men, and wolves that cried, Saw the moon change phases, With phases of my... Continue Reading →


न जाने किन तूफ़ानों से घिरे हुए हैं इस समंदर में, ना उनसे बच निकलने की तमन्ना है, ना उनमें डूब जाने की आरज़ू। All Rights Reserved. ©

Bemused wanderings

What if I gave you, Pieces of me? Would you tear them all apart? Or string them up like poetry? Would you be admiring the changing phases, Or shunning them as bizzare? Would you rather scoff at the artist? Or admire the art? Will your words be the ones that stick, Or just the ones... Continue Reading →


She was sitting right there, in front of me. In one hand, a cup of tea and on the other, a book I was too busy to care about. She looked her usual self, a calm and delightful composure with a tinge of otherworldly madness in her eyes. She read her book silently as I... Continue Reading →

Girl of the galaxy

Galaxies formed and destroyed, Just like that, Chaos and calm, Alive and dead, She feels those things, She lives those dreams, In the moonlight nights, And dreary days, She ponders upon, The things she says, Her mind changes phases, Like the moon, The dreamy eyes glisten, At sounds of mellifluous tunes, The galaxies in her... Continue Reading →


I lay here and think, Think about everything, About us, The best and the worst, They all came hand in hand, Tried too hard, Bent too much, To be with you, And found myself, Bruised and shattered, Mind, heart and soul, Yearned for a bit more, Saw things the way they were, And ignored them,... Continue Reading →

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