A trip to hell

I could barely open my eyes. The sun was shining brightly in contrast to the darkness looming over our lives. It was too bright to be true. So bright, it hurt my eyes and I wished I could just lay there with my eyes closed. But, that wasn't the option that I could choose. I... Continue Reading →


The Daydreamer- V

So, here's the last part of the story. If you haven't read the earlier parts, I suggest you do.  🙂 Here are the links to them: The Daydreamer- I The Daydreamer- II The Daydreamer- III The Daydreamer- IV "What? You don't remember going back home?" Asked Asmita, she couldn't believe what she had heard. "No!... Continue Reading →

The Daydreamer- IV

Hey there! How you doin'? Hope everything's going great. 😀 If you are new to this series, I suggest you read the previous ones. Here are the links: The Daydreamer- I The Daydreamer- II The Daydreamer- III “So, you found it.” His face was calm as usual, as opposed to hers. She just stared at... Continue Reading →

The Daydreamer- III

Hey there! Here's the third part of "The Daydreamer Series" For the first part, Click here. For the second one, Click here. “Remember me?” That was him. He had just disappeared after the escapade. She had passed his house several times, wondering if he was in there. She wondered if he was on another escapade,... Continue Reading →

The Daydreamer- II

Here's the second part of "The Daydreamer Series". For the first part, Click here. Enjoy! 😀 ❤ “Are you okay? Seems like you haven’t slept at all last night!” Asmita asked, looking at her swollen eyes. “You know, you can tell me, right?” Said Asmita, “if anything is bugging you, I’m here to listen.” “I... Continue Reading →

The Daydreamer- I

“Hi! I’m Sohum.” “Hey! I’m Netra.” “So, where are you from? You look new here.” they were walking down the corridor when she heard a voice. “Miss Netra?! Would you answer the question, please?” “Netra! Netra!!”Asmita shook her friend. “What are you thinking? Get up! Mr. Sharma is asking something! Say the answer’s ‘True’.” Coming... Continue Reading →

Forever and Always💗

Andrea, a single mother lived with her only daughter, Elsa. The family of two lived in a small apartment, in a populous area. She worked really hard to provide her daughter with everything that she possibly could, to see her happy. Her whole life revolved around her daughter. She never let anything get in their... Continue Reading →

The Reunion

She walked down the hallway, going back to her apartment. It had been a tiring day for her. She was happy though, in her left hand, she carried the presents she got from her colleagues. The scenarios of the whole day were playing in her head. They hadn't given her even a slightest clue that... Continue Reading →


There she was, standing on the lush green carpet of grass. The grass blades tickled her feet. She was sitting there, alone. Just her. The willow tree was giving her shade from the scorching sunlight. As time passed, she watched the sun set. She could feel one chapter of her life ending too. She was... Continue Reading →

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