The Deceased

They come and go, Like a pendulum, to and fro, They make me happy and want to cry, Even after we had said our goodbyes. They build up illusions, Of their presence, I find no solutions, But to cater to their pretence. I live another day, Seeing them all fade away, Another night comes by,... Continue Reading →


अहसानमंद हूं ज़िन्दगी की..

अहसानमंद हूं मैं ज़िन्दगी की, जो राहों में रोड़े उसने अटकाए, बिन मेहनत इंसान को, चैन की नींद कहां से आए? अहसानमंद हूं ज़िन्दगी की, जो अंधियारों से गुज़री मेरी राहें, उनसे बेहतर उजाले की अहमियत, और हमें कौन बताए? अहसानमंद हूं ज़िन्दगी की, जो बार बार मुझे हार का चेहरा दिखाए, हर जीत की... Continue Reading →


The night went dark, And ruthlessly cold, All I searched for, Was a hand to hold, For the demons cried the war cry, They danced the fiery dance, Of the loneliness and misery, Of the fear of the dark. My vision was bleak, And my stance haggard, The demons, they pulled out, Their Spears and... Continue Reading →

The veil

She puts on the veil again, The one that hid her demons, For others, A smiling face, For her, It was her own dark space. All rights reserved. ©

A New Sky

A new horizon, A new sky, All wait for you, Just to watch you fly, Just to rejoice the moments, As you spread your wings, Just to watch you soar, Above all the sulking. All Rights Reserved. ©

The starlit universe

Blanket of the night, Envelopes the city, The twinkling lights pass by, I said goodbye to the endless memories, And took the priceless pictures with me, Of the innumerous souls, And the endless rides, I wanted some more, Of the blissful times, The times that made, Me laugh till it hurt, The times that made,... Continue Reading →

Free verse #2

I started my journey, Just to lie there in your arms, To be with you, In the storm and the calm, I ran down the valleys, And twirled around, Passed over the rocks, Just to hear your sound. I loved how the sun felt, On my skin, Oh! How much I'd love, To be with... Continue Reading →

Free verse #1

Hey there! What's up, people? I hope everything is going just fine with you all. 🙂 I've realized that I'm really bad with the titles, I mean I just am not able to give the perfect title to my poems! It just feels like it could've been better. But, that's not the point. Right now,... Continue Reading →

An innocent mind

My mind wanders, Alone in the dark, Thinking of the world's wonders, And of the caustic remarks. They say you can't do it, You haven't got enough, But this sweet innocence, Is as stubborn as it is tough. It doesn't stop trying, You see it's the grass in the storm, Will bow down to your... Continue Reading →

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