Bemused wanderings

What if I gave you, Pieces of me? Would you tear them all apart? Or string them up like poetry? Would you be admiring the changing phases, Or shunning them as bizzare? Would you rather scoff at the artist? Or admire the art? Will your words be the ones that stick, Or just the ones... Continue Reading →


Girl of the galaxy

Galaxies formed and destroyed, Just like that, Chaos and calm, Alive and dead, She feels those things, She lives those dreams, In the moonlight nights, And dreary days, She ponders upon, The things she says, Her mind changes phases, Like the moon, The dreamy eyes glisten, At sounds of mellifluous tunes, The galaxies in her... Continue Reading →


I lay here and think, Think about everything, About us, The best and the worst, They all came hand in hand, Tried too hard, Bent too much, To be with you, And found myself, Bruised and shattered, Mind, heart and soul, Yearned for a bit more, Saw things the way they were, And ignored them,... Continue Reading →

Lost thoughts

Tonight, I'll be looking, For the words lost in the abyss, They tried to emerge into existence, Just for getting lost again. Did they hide some stories, Or the glories of the past, I know not. But, I'll be searching for them, Just for the sake of finding them, Just for the sake of carving... Continue Reading →

Little Nothings

These little nothings, They build you up, Piece by piece. The little droplets of memories, Of moments spent in serendipitous bliss, Fill your voids, Flowing through your veins, Moments lost, Memories gained, Just the little nothings, They'll remember when they hear your name. --Sakshi

The Deceased

They come and go, Like a pendulum, to and fro, They make me happy and want to cry, Even after we had said our goodbyes. They build up illusions, Of their presence, I find no solutions, But to cater to their pretence. I live another day, Seeing them all fade away, Another night comes by,... Continue Reading →

अहसानमंद हूं ज़िन्दगी की..

अहसानमंद हूं मैं ज़िन्दगी की, जो राहों में रोड़े उसने अटकाए, बिन मेहनत इंसान को, चैन की नींद कहां से आए? अहसानमंद हूं ज़िन्दगी की, जो अंधियारों से गुज़री मेरी राहें, उनसे बेहतर उजाले की अहमियत, और हमें कौन बताए? अहसानमंद हूं ज़िन्दगी की, जो बार बार मुझे हार का चेहरा दिखाए, हर जीत की... Continue Reading →


The night went dark, And ruthlessly cold, All I searched for, Was a hand to hold, For the demons cried the war cry, They danced the fiery dance, Of the loneliness and misery, Of the fear of the dark. My vision was bleak, And my stance haggard, The demons, they pulled out, Their Spears and... Continue Reading →

The veil

She puts on the veil again, The one that hid her demons, For others, A smiling face, For her, It was her own dark space. All rights reserved. ©

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