The Daydreamer- V

So, here's the last part of the story. If you haven't read the earlier parts, I suggest you do.  🙂 Here are the links to them: The Daydreamer- I The Daydreamer- II The Daydreamer- III The Daydreamer- IV "What? You don't remember going back home?" Asked Asmita, she couldn't believe what she had heard. "No! …

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The Daydreamer- I

“Hi! I’m Sohum.” “Hey! I’m Netra.” “So, where are you from? You look new here.” they were walking down the corridor when she heard a voice. “Miss Netra?! Would you answer the question, please?” “Netra! Netra!!”Asmita shook her friend. “What are you thinking? Get up! Mr. Sharma is asking something! Say the answer’s ‘True’.” Coming …

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