Daily Prompt: Enthusiasm

via Daily Prompt: Enthusiasm Wrinkled faces, Toothless smiles, Nothing to offer him, Except their company and the stories of their journey of miles.. A small heart beating enthusiastically, Seeing the wrinkled faces and toothless smiles, They were the definition of his own kind of heaven, The one with all the love and care in the... Continue Reading →


Daily Prompt: Scorched

via Daily Prompt: Scorched Scorched by his blazing anger, The anger that knew no bounds, Not a piece to shield herself, She stood there waiting for him to calm down, After he was gone, Her brother brought the music of the stars, To lighten up the life inside her, To treat the burning scars.. Only... Continue Reading →

Her Smile :)

She walked down the aisle, With a graceful smile, Everyone appreciating the beauty, That reflected in their eyes.. They said her smile was beautiful, And her demeanour so tasteful, But never knew what lay behind, The grace and demeanor bountiful.. As she walked and talked, Her past stood locked, In diaries that lay amidst the... Continue Reading →

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