She was sitting right there, in front of me. In one hand, a cup of tea and on the other, a book I was too busy to care about. She looked her usual self, a calm and delightful composure with a tinge of otherworldly madness in her eyes. She read her book silently as I played with her hair. She seemed to be enjoying this little antic of mine and I enjoyed her company.

It was one of those cool summer mornings, where she came up to her terrace to prepare herself for a supposedly busy day ahead. I don’t know what she does for a living, but I do know she does not enjoy too many people surrounding her. She usually hurried back downstairs without a word, whenever she saw any of the neighbours climb up their terraces. I found it a bit weird. It was as if she didn’t want to be seen. I always wondered why that was, because I found nothing unappealing with the way she looked. I always enjoy that otherworldly aura of hers, hadn’t found it near anyone else till now.

But today, there seems to be something different. Today, she doesn’t seem to care if the neighbors show up. She seems to be busy in her own world small world. A world full of characters, too rich to be found in this mundane world of ours. She seems lost in their adversities and adventures. I can see her slyly smiling one minute, chuckling the other. A gloominess falls on her face every now and then. She seems to be completely absorbed in the inked characters. I float around her, playing with her hair. She enjoys my company. I enjoy watching her, watching her hair dance with me. Hearing the mellifluous tinkling of her earrings, as I sway them back and forth is our favorite pastime. Now I watch her brown eyes, those with that alluring madness. I watch her eyelids flicker with every touch of me.

She’s now lost in her thoughts, it seems. Thoughts that one day could change the world or maybe just the things that she needed to be. Her eyes seem to be fixated on a far- flung dream. And I? I am lost in my own little world in front of me.

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Image credits: Pixabay


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