Snaky T-Swizzle and some other trivia

Hola earthlings!

How’s life? My last post feels like a millennia ago. Life’s happening to me, that’s something I can say and that too, not in a really bad way. Your girl recently finished her four years of engineering. She is now a full-fledged unemployed engineer!! (although not officially, we are yet to receive our degrees). Tbh, this engineering thing has been a rollercoaster ride for me (It brought me to WordPress, y’all!). Lots of bittersweet and amazing memories associated with these four years. And now, as the years have gone by, I realize that:


Yeah, I’m not really sure about the mistakes part. But, I’m definitely not ready to make hard and fast decisions (I really need to master that skill, though). Anyways, not to bore you further with my graduation story, let us discuss some other things like, erm….T- Swizzle maybe?

Those who have been here since the beginning, know that I am a massive fan of Taylor Swift.


Hearing this person’s songs makes me so so so happy!  The way she handles all the negativity and shade coming her way, and turns it all into.. well.. success is so what I love about this person! And also, the reputation stadium tour is on!!! Just watching those clippings of her performances on instagram (Yep, the only source from which I get to watch her perform :/ )  makes my heart flutter with joy! (Please bear a teeny bit more fangirling! 😛 )

You go, girl! ^_^ ❤

And then, have you heard the laurel/yanny clip? It is amazing how each one of us can percieve things so differently! I was hearing the clipping, and every- f’in-time it played I heard laurel. My sister sitting just beside me heard yanny. EVERY TIME! It is amazing to see how differently we are wired.



Here’s a YouTube link explaining the phenomenon: Laurel or Yanny (Tell me what you hear 🙂 )

That’s all folks! Hope you have an amazing weekend!

auf Weidersehen!

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