Just a little bit hangry

Café joie.
The name had always attracted her. She walked down the street daily, from work to home. She loved it this way, listening to a random playlist everyday while walking. She saw the different trees whose names, she didn’t know yet. The flowers were also really different from the ones back home. She watched them with a child’s fascination every time she walked by them. Another thing that captured her attention, was café joie. She wondered if things really did have the qualities they were named after. Could it really bring joy to her mundane life? Lost in her thoughts, she found herself sitting on the chair inside the café after a while.
She ordered a cappuccino and the specials on that day. Having seen the same kind of menu in several other cafés, she was in the mood to try something new. After the order was placed, she was again left alone with her thoughts. The new place wasn’t so new, but wasn’t old enough to be called home. Her thoughts drifted to home now. Working alone in the metropolitan with almost no friends to share her thoughts with, she wondered what her friends were up to. She followed them on Facebook, but was more curious about their real life. The timeline life just wasn’t plausible enough for her.
She remembered how they had posted long farewell messages, full of warm wishes and seemingly endless sad lines all as parting gifts. She wondered if the ones in front of whom she poured out her heart even remembered a thing about her. She could see all the promises of keeping in touch fade into oblivion. She tried to figure out if calling them would be a disturbance. They didn’t bother much to call either, she thought. A strange sense of melancholy loomed over her. The depressing thoughts were about to come in full force, when she heard the clinker from the cutlery. The waiter had arrived with her food.
Everything else just faded away like it never happened. The cranky mind was getting the glucose it needed and all her thoughts shifted towards the food. It was the third best meal she had ever had, the first two were obviously taken up by her mom and grandmas. The wild horses of her mind were now well- fed, feeling sleepy after the meal. She now knew the secret to drive the melancholy away. The secret to uplift her mood, was nothing but tasty lip-smacking food.

Hey there!

Hope you all enjoyed this. You know whatever goes on in your life, food is always there to uplift your mood.

Have a great day!

PS: Happy women’s day to all the ladies out there!

Image credits: Pixabay


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