The night went dark,
And ruthlessly cold,
All I searched for,
Was a hand to hold,
For the demons cried the war cry,
They danced the fiery dance,
Of the loneliness and misery,
Of the fear of the dark.
My vision was bleak,
And my stance haggard,
The demons, they pulled out,
Their Spears and daggers,
I felt a chill down my spine,
As they brought out the ghosts,
As they dug out the bones,
I stood there with fear,
Heartbeat running wild,
All that I could hear,
Was the thunder in the sky,
The clouds were dark,
A monstrous hue,
I couldn’t recall,
What karmic debt was due,
But the thunder proved to be a false alarm,
And the rain poured down with all its charm,
The thunder had drowned the war cry,
And I could see the beautiful rainbow in the sky..

Image Credits: Pixabay

All Rights Reserved.Β©


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