2017 Wind- up

So, everyone’s geared up for the new year. We are all set to welcome the year with open arms. Some of you, who would be reading this would be snuggled in your blanket, peacefully waiting for the year to begin. Most will be out partying, kissing 2017 goodbye. I am the not-so-much-into-partying kind (Of course, you can tell! Can’t you?). And as I am writing this post, all I hear is loudspeakers blaring music that I don’t at all want to hear. But hey! They’re celebrating, welcoming the new year in their own way, right? Just wish there was some place where I could go to and write a better post, than just something that has me ranting about the loud music. But I can’t! I am not able to come up with any ideas! So, I’m just going to make this post a personal wind up post, instead of a world news kinda wind up that I did last year. Lots of negativity around there, hope the next year brings a bit more sunlight?
In the personal front, 2017 brought a lot of highs. From landing an internship in a big automobile company, to living alone for the first time in a big city. This year brought in lots of new experiences for me. I never could have imagined I’d be experiencing such amazing things! Things that made me feel more confident about myself.

These experiences have taught me a lot of things, from surviving in a new place to exploring it. From making new friends, to being grateful for the ones who have always been there by your side.

And to all you readers, who have joined me this year, thank you so much for reading this person’s humble posts.

All the love that you have given me, only inspires me to write more (Doesn’t make the inspiration for posts come easily, though πŸ™„). I hope that you’ll stick with me, the next year too.
And lastly, I hope the new year brings along all the love and respect that you deserve. Hope that it is filled with new adventures for you!

And I hope you wish the same for me.😜
Have an amazing year, people!
Gute nacht!

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