Free verse #2

I started my journey,
Just to lie there in your arms,
To be with you,
In the storm and the calm,
I ran down the valleys,
And twirled around,
Passed over the rocks,
Just to hear your sound.
I loved how the sun felt,
On my skin,
Oh! How much I’d love,
To be with you beneath the sun.
The storms did strike,
A mighty blow,
What they didn’t know was
About my rage that would follow,
I leapt and pranced and swirled around,
Engulfed the trees,
Engulfed the ground,
I went over and enwrapped it all,
Everything that tried,
To stop me or made me stall,
Now I see your eyes,
A sparkling blue,
Now all I think about,
Is being one with you,
Then you take me in,
While I’m mesmerized by your demeanor,
My love, I’m the river to your sea,
Now we’ll flow together, forever..

Image credits: Pixabay

All rights reserved.ÂĐ


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