What if?

What if we had met in a different story?

What if we had met in a different time?

What if our story had reached to glory?

And hadn’t just dropped deep down?

What if you could really understand?

What if the situations never went out of our hands?

It would have been nice, wouldn’t it?

Us being together and killin’ it?

But then came the lies,

Doing without them would’ve been nice,

But you couldn’t resist the temptations,

Of building me those hallucinations.

Then, I heard my mind screaming,

Hell! It’s all so clichéd,

Always the mindless dreaming,

Always making the same mistakes.

And now I’m seeing it all through,

Gosh! It’s all too funny to be true,

Tracing our names on the beach sand,

Look, the sea took ’em away!

Even before you could comprehend.

All rights reserved. ©


7 thoughts on “What if?

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      1. Nah but I liked the paradigm of imagination that you tapped upon, two words “what if” open the doors of endless possibilities. So that was something that really appealing to me

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