A trip to hell

I could barely open my eyes. The sun was shining brightly in contrast to the darkness looming over our lives. It was too bright to be true. So bright, it hurt my eyes and I wished I could just lay there with my eyes closed. But, that wasn’t the option that I could choose. I wondered if there was anything left to choose. All I knew was that I had to run, run to someplace safe. I tried to find a familiar face amongst the rubble, an attempt that went in vain. Bruised and battered, every inch of my skin was covered with dust, of someplace I had called home. Bruises on my skin burnt more than the scorching sun above. But, all I could feel was my heart, racing like the wild horses in the grasslands. I figured I was still alive and breathing. I could hear the gunshots distinctly. Every gunshot made me think, it would’ve been better if I had just succumbed to my injuries. At least the pain would’ve been gone. But I didn’t, and all I knew was that I needed to get out of there. I could hear bombshells being dropped and the gunshots. But the only sound I really wanted to hear was the sound of another breath, the sound of another human being. I tried to lift myself up, an attempt that took massive amount of effort. Every joint of my body ached, wanting to give up. I tried to find the directions to where I needed to proceed. It all seemed worthless; all I could see around me was piles of rubble, pulled down walls and white dust. I pulled myself up, and tried dragging myself through the rubble. The shards of glass pierced through my foot, made me shriek, but I kept quiet and carried on. I hadn’t covered much distance, when I heard something approaching. I looked back, but couldn’t figure anything out due to the clouds of dust. Sensing danger, I tried to run, tried to find a place to hide. The sound was approaching quickly. I tried to run with all my capacity, but wasn’t fast enough. They approached me with their guns pointed at me, and without any hesitation, a bullet was fired. And I fell on the ground.
Jolted awake from my sleep, I found myself on my couch. I turned off the documentary on the Syrian Insurgency. I pulled myself up and went to sleep, to my safe haven. The only place where I could find solace from the raging fires of war and destruction in the world.


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Image credits: Pixabay


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