A voice from the cubicle

Hey there!

How are you all? I’m doing fairly well here. A bit of boredom does loom over, but other than that, everything else is fine. I told you that I’m here in Bangalore, right? Well, I’m here for an internship. And right now, I’m writing this post from my cubicle, being entirely bored and just not able to figure out what to do next. So, I thought I’d write. Here’s the voice from the cubicle, if you’d like to hear it:

As you know I’m sitting here,

Trying to figure what to do next,

To read a technical book,

Or to reply to a text.

These moments of indecisiveness,

These moments of boredom,

Gosh! I wish they’d convert,

Into something entirely fun.

Or maybe I can study people,

And the tasks they’re proceeding with,

But what I’ve learnt till now,

Is studying people isn’t my granted gift.

There are people all around me,

Going on with their assigned chores,

And I cant help but wonder,

If they even get any time to be bored.

I see the road and the passers-by,

And wonder where they’re going,

Then I look at the sky,

And watch the clouds floating.

Now, I see that everything’s bound,

With chains, visible or not,

Like I’m bound to sit here,

Till my time runs out!

Okay, this verse is going too far,

But not going anywhere, to be true,

What can I say, people?

I guess writing is what I really wanted to do!

— Sakshi

If you’ve come this far, well thank you, for lending your ears to my poetic rants. Hope you have a great week ahead! 😀 ❤


14 thoughts on “A voice from the cubicle

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  1. Loved the way you took inspiration from the boredom of your situation at your end to craft something so delightfully creative. Btw Bangalore is a lovely city, if you don’t mind me asking in what field are you doing your internship?

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      1. Yes take pride in what you are doing, I did an internship once I had to work extra at times while some other days I was haunted by a sense of boredom (like the way you might be feeling right now), sometimes it was frustrating but now that I look back at it. I feel working in that hostile work environment enabled me to take the various professional challenges that came my way head on. That being said I admire the way you taking this phase in your stride, just want to say out of concern that never let such boring days bog you down in anyway 😊

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