Hey there! How have you all been? Hope, things are going good. 🙂  Things are going well on this side. You’ll get it when you read the write- up below. 😛 Hope that this lightens up your mood too. Enjoy! 😀

When you think of a beautiful day, what do you think? Do you think of sunny skies and the sound of the birds chirping, relaxing all your senses from this inevitable and unmutable rush? Or do you think it is a beautiful day, when you are happy? I think it’s the latter.

Because, when you are happy, you enjoy, even the dark clouds. You don’t flinch at the sight of the storm, you just dance in the rain.
Isn’t this what happiness is all about? You feel the sky is bluer than ever. Flowers are more colourful than ever before. You hear the children giggling and it makes you happier. Then, from a distance, you hear the sky thundering. Lightning flashes all across, signalling a storm coming your way. But, it doesn’t matter, even if it scares you a little bit. Because at the end, however mighty the storm may be, it is you who knows how to dance in the rain.

Dancing in your own way, to the tunes of the pitter patter. Swaying like trees being swayed by the wind. And the thunder? It just reduces to a drumbeat for you. For, you’ve never been happier, and the things have never been better.

And now, you hope. Hope that these things will stay the same. Not the sky or the birds outside, but the things inside you. You hope that these strings of happiness in your life’s guitar never stop playing the music within. Hope, that in this loud and blathering world, you will always be able to hear your song, and dance to its tunes.


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  1. So meaningful Sakshi, I truly agree with you that real bliss isn’t provided by the external luxuries of our lives insides its an entity that one must look for within. That’s why I strongly believe in sometimes closing my eyes on the outer world in order to connect with the world that resides within me. Thanks Sakshi for expressing & sharing such a wonderful thought. According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them 😊

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