The tides

A shadow, Sheepishly lurking beside my bed, Wants to lurk into my head, The shadow of your traces, The harrowing widened spaces, The void never fills, The shadow tends to kill, Every ounce of strength, Every fragment of peace in me. I want to be free, As the zephyr, Float in this realm, Float above... Continue Reading →


A Silver Lining

A ray of hope, When you think you've lost all of it, A streak of sunshine, After a dark, cold night.. Hearing a baby's cry, For the very first time, A lover's kiss, After a day spent fighting crimes.. It's the beautiful flowers that blossom, Surrounded by nothing but thorns, The cacti that bloom, With... Continue Reading →

A Promise

Yes Darling! I could promise you, The magnificent stars, And a place that's heaven, We all are but surrounded, By blood and flesh, And all things Heathens, So, I'll just say, That I'll stay, Below the stars, Among the Heathens, Nursing our Scars, While we look up to the Heavens. All Rights Reserved. © PS: What's... Continue Reading →


I'm there in the night's kingdom, And in the day's reign, Neither the absence of emotions, Nor a feeling of disdain, I'm incomprehensible, But comprehensible you see, Work best with your loved ones, And the ones whose love you could be. I'm the mode of her prayers, When you go off on the road, She... Continue Reading →

Back to Blog!!

Hola! What's up earthlings? Hope you people are doing great! 😀 Even if you aren't that much in a good mood, hang in there, things will get better. 🙂 Meanwhile, I just wanted to say that, I'm back people! I'm back to blog. 😀 It has been a long time since I've posted ANYTHING. I was really missing... Continue Reading →

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