The Daydreamer- IV

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If you are new to this series, I suggest you read the previous ones. Here are the links:

“So, you found it.”

His face was calm as usual, as opposed to hers. She just stared at the recent discovery that she had made. She had never expected her life to be this adventurous, an ordinary girl living her mundane life. And now, after befriending this stranger, the tables had turned. She experienced things she had never even dreamt of, before.

“You have a secret chamber in your house!!?” she said, her eyes still wide open. “That is so

The chamber looked like it hadn’t been opened since years. Cobwebs covered every inch of the doorway. It was dark and dusty. Some furniture lay inside the room covered in white.

“This is just the beginning my friend.” He said, with a sly smile on his face. “Let us go inside, shall we?”

“Yeah! Sure!” she replied, excited to discover what lay in there. She could feel her heartbeat race like the night of their escapade. But, she wasn’t afraid. She had trusted him earlier, and he had made sure not to disappoint her. He guided her into the room, removing the cobwebs on their way. There was no light source in there, so, they lighted a candle and walked cautiously into the room. The floor creaked on every step they took. There was another bookshelf at the other end of the room.

“I guess, this will be our last meeting.” He sighed.

“Pardon?” She couldn’t decode his murmuring.

“Nothing, I have something to show you.” He replied, “Follow me.”

She saw another book on it, same as the earlier one. She started getting curious about what lay in there. A strange feeling dawned upon her, like she didn’t want to see what lay in there. She was tempted and not so much at the same time. He went on and pulled a book next to it, other books slid to their sides and a tongue- like structure popped out. It held a small box on it. He took the box, and gave it to her. The books on the shelf started shaking violently as he did so.

Before she could decipher anything out of it all, a book fell on her head. Everything went blank.

“Ouch! My head hurts!” She complained. She was laying on her bed, had just woken up.

She tried to recall the things that had happened last evening. All she could remember was the visit to Sohum’s house and the strange turn of events that followed. She had to tell everything to Asmita, so, she decided to attend school.

“When did I come back home last evening? I am not able to recall anything…” She asked her mother.

“Why is that? You came after it stopped raining, then, you came and slept, didn’t even wake up for dinner.”

“I had this strange dream last night, so I was a bit confused.” She smiled nervously.

Her mom chuckled at this and went on with her chores. I couldn’t have been dreaming, could I? But my head still hurts! No, I hadn’t been dreaming, I have to tell Asmita about this, Netra thought.

Nope, not the end people. 🙂

Have a nice day! 😀 ❤


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  1. She thinks it’s a dream. She’ll be convinced, almost. But then she’ll see that little box Sohum handed over. And so on and on..
    So predictable. But still, I always check the app only to read this series. Addictive.

    Liked by 1 person

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