The Daydreamer- III

Hey there! Here’s the third part of “The Daydreamer Series”

For the first part, Click here.

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“Remember me?” That was him. He had just disappeared after the escapade. She had passed his house several times, wondering if he was in there. She wondered if he was on another escapade, away from the small town and his almost dismantled house. She wondered if anyone else stayed with him. She wondered why she kept thinking about him, day- dreaming about the time when she would get to meet him again. She wondered if he was gone for good. She wondered if he would ever come back. And now, he stood in front of her, asking if she remembered him.

“If my memory serves me right, you must be Sohum, right?”
“So, you do remember me,” he replied with a smile on his face. I don’t have to remember you! You are stuck in here, for god’s sake! She thought.

They exchanged pleasantries, enquired about each others’ well-being. She wanted to tell him everything she could. But first, she wanted to know where he had been all these days. She wanted to hear all she could, about everything he said. They were strolling in the same park, they had met in. A cool wind blew, warning them of the upcoming storm. But, even the sky filled with gray clouds couldn’t grab their attention. The weather went wild; it started raining cats and dogs.
They ran for shelter. The concrete umbrellas in the park didn’t do much to protect them. So, they decided to wait at his house that happened to be across the street from the park. They ran across the street to the building, which itself looked like it could use some protection from the storm.

“So, you like this?” He asked her after showing her around the house. It was a well- lit and tidy place, the exact opposite of what the exteriors depicted. It was cozy and warm. One thing she couldn’t get her eyes off from was the big obsolete bookshelf. It had a lot of classics that she desired to read but hadn’t been able to find. She looked at them for a while and then sat on the couch. He offered her some coffee that he had made.

“This definitely isn’t what I expected.” She said, wondering if anyone else lived there with him.
“You live here alone, or is there any family member, anyone?”
“Nope, it’s just me. Most of my family members have settled in different parts of the country. I visit them from time to time. But, I can never stay away from this house for long.” He replied.

Then, he started telling her about his recent trip. After talking for a while, he went into the kitchen, and she started looking at the bookshelf. As she ran her fingers through the books, one of them caught her fancy. It looked timeworn and had strange language inscribed on it. Her curiosity had now filled up to the brim. She decided to take the book out of the shelf. Little did she know the consequences.
The book looked heavy. She tried to pull it out with all her might, but couldn’t. She tried pulling it out until she started panting. She stopped to catch a breath, keeping one hand on the book.

With a slight push from her hand, it moved. Observing this, she pushed it further. It moved back and slid into a slot in the wall behind the shelf. She stood there with amazement as the bookshelf creaked and slid sideways, exposing a secret chamber. Hearing the creaking, he came out of the kitchen.

“So, you found it.”

Firstly, apologies for not being able to post yesterday. :/ I was really busy, almost forgot about it. 😛 What do you think will happen next, send me your assumptions. 😛 🙂

Will make sure this discrepancy doesn’t happen again. 😀

Have a nice day! 😀 ❤


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