The Daydreamer- II

Here’s the second part of “The Daydreamer Series”. For the first part, Click here.

Enjoy! 😀 ❤

“Are you okay? Seems like you haven’t slept at all last night!” Asmita asked, looking at her swollen eyes. “You know, you can tell me, right?” Said Asmita, “if anything is bugging you, I’m here to listen.”

“I am fine, really,” Netra replied smiling, all the memories of last night flooded her mind. “Just really tired from all the adventure we had last night.”

“Adventure!?” Asmita asked suspiciously. “What kind of adventure? And who’s we?”

“It’s a long story, my friend! Let’s bunk the fourth period, shall we? I have to tell you this!” She whispered as they were sitting in the classroom. After that, both of them couldn’t concentrate on what was going on. Asmita wondered what adventure her friend had had last night. Netra, on the other hand, was compiling all the details in her mind that she would let out. They waited for the classes to end. It seemed like the time was moving really slow. They went on sluggishly. As soon as the bell rang, they rushed to the canteen and Netra began her story.

“I have told you about Sohum, right?”

“Yes! The mystery guy… Someone has a huge crush on him…” Asmita replied playfully.

“Focus on the story, Asmita, shall we? So, yesterday I was half asleep in my bed when I heard a tap at my window. It was around midnight. I ignored it at first, then again came another one. I had to get up and go to the window, and to my utter surprise, there he was!!”

“Whoa! That person climbed up your window at midnight? Is he nuts? What did you both do?” her eyes wide open.

“That exactly was the question that I asked him! Just don’t make any assumptions, not yet missy.” Retorted Netra. “He told me to get up and get ready for an adventure. By this time, all my sleepiness had vanished into thin air. Imagine a guy you barely know, standing at your window, asking you to come with him at midnight! That’s the last thing I would do and I told him exactly that.”

“Then what made you change your mind? Because you certainly went.”

“Yeah, I went with him. He is just too stubborn to be true. I told me if I didn’t go with him, he wouldn’t leave… and that I won’t regret it. So, after lots and of convincing, I finally went. And, I must say, I don’t regret it at all!”

“So? Where did you both go? Didn’t anyone catch you roaming around at midnight?”

“Yes! About that, they almost did! Just at the moment when we climbed down the windows, we heard the sirens wailing. It was the patrolling group! I could hear my heart racing faster than the horses! I looked at him blankly, not knowing what to do. He led me through the bushes, to a stony path. I blankly followed him. After walking for a while, we were at the foot of the nearby hill.”

“Wait! You climbed that hill at night, didn’t you? You know there have been several casualties from climbing it, and you still climbed that at night! ” Asmita exclaimed worriedly.

“I am alive and well! He knew a safer path…”

“You are, but you have to promise me, no more nocturnal escapades like this!”

“You worry too much. Now, let’s move forward, shall we?” Netra continued. “The place he took me to, wasn’t that high, but you could see the whole town from up there. The view was mesmerizing. I just wanted to stay there, didn’t want to go back home. We sat there for a while. I asked him where he lived and everything else, I must know about him. He told me that he lived in his ancestors’ house. He even showed it to me on our way down. It looked pretty old to me like it has been here since times immemorial. He told me that he was on a crusade of some kind. Some family thing, I guess, didn’t spill out the details. I didn’t force him to. We returned safely to my house before anyone could notice my absence. And then, he went his own way.”

“Uh, Huh… I heard you. What else did he tell you? And when am I getting to meet this new ‘crush’ of yours?”

“No! It isn’t like that!”

“Say it like you mean it.” Asmita enjoined.

“Even I don’t know when I’ll get to meet him next.” She sighed.

Will she, won’t she? You must’ve guessed the answer, right? What if it was all just a dream? You’ll find out the answers tomorrow, right at this place. 🙂

Have a nice day! 😀 ❤


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