The Daydreamer- I

“Hi! I’m Sohum.”

“Hey! I’m Netra.”

“So, where are you from? You look new here.” they were walking down the corridor when she heard a voice.

“Miss Netra?! Would you answer the question, please?”

“Netra! Netra!!”Asmita shook her friend. “What are you thinking? Get up! Mr. Sharma is asking something! Say the answer’s ‘True’.”

Coming out of her dreams, she stood up and answered. “Sit down; just pay heed to what I’m teaching. Your attention’s dwindling day by day.” Mr. Sharma instructed. “Yes, sir!” she sat down, red-faced.

The rest of the lecture went about sluggishly. Mr. Sharma can cure anyone of insomnia, she thought. She could see drowsy people all around her, just praying to get done with the lecture. Fortunately for them, it ended after 10 minutes.

“So? What were you thinking about?” asked Asmita. “Nothing… It was nothing. You know how boring history gets! I was half asleep.” She lied, laughing nervously. “Miss! You have to pay heed to what I say. Even when I sound like I’m singing a lullaby.” Asmita answered, mimicking Mr. Sharma.

They couldn’t resist laughing. They laughed all the way home, as Asmita mimicked more of their teachers. Both of them were new in town. In a small period of time, they had grown really close. There were things about Netra that seemed somewhat peculiar to her, but she ignored them. Everyone has their peculiarities, she thought.

“Dear diary,

Today was really weird. I started replaying the situation when I first met him, and it turned out to be a really bad idea! I’m just not able to concentrate! Ugh! I hate this. I don’t know if I’m ever going to see him again. I hope we do meet somehow? Also, Asmita turned out to be a great mimic! Looking forward towards more of her performances. She made my day… :’D”

Netra came out for a stroll in the park. She wanted some fresh air. She had gotten bored of sitting in the house, doing nothing. As she walked down the stone path, she felt a presence behind her, turned around but couldn’t find anyone.

“Hey!!” That was Sohum standing in front of her, as she turned back. “Whoa! You startled me!” She was surprised to see him.

“That’s just the beginning, my friend!” He replied mockingly.

“Uh, Huh? Is it so?” She smiled back. “Yep! You’ll see.” There was something about him that challenged her. “We’ll see…” She was ready to accept it, more than ready for it. As they walked down the park, she asked him about the places that she wanted to visit. It was a new place for her and she wanted to explore more of it. He offered to show her these, which, after a little bit of thought was accepted.

PS: So, I’m here again with “The Daydreamer Series” :D. I started writing it and it turned out to be a really long one. As it turns out, you’ll be reading it in the form of a series of stories. I’ll post the next part tomorrow. Send me your thoughts about it. 🙂 😀 AND stay tuned! 😀 ❤

Have a nice Day!


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