Mundane or Magical..?

You pass by the streets every day,
A mundane existence, you’d say,
But magic of it, you can’t deny,
That lays in everything,
From the things that crawl to the beings that fly…

You see the children playing,
A mundane sight for you, you’re saying,
But look at the magic they bring to the ground,
Pure joy and excitement,
See the guileless ebullience run around…

You see a flower peeping through a crack,
Doesn’t make you think or look back,
A mundane existence, I won’t say it is,
Emerging through the hostile space,
Seeing them succeed is another kind of bliss…

And you’d see the moon and stars in their mundane existence,
See them through a poet’s eyes,
See them through a lover’s,
How they light up the night sky,
How the magic dances just above us…

And all the people you greet every day,
All the food you eat every day,
What if these things weren’t for you?
Wouldn’t you, getting those,
Feel magical too?

And if all the above seems insane,
Just ask one thing to your brain,
Aren’t you and the things around,
All are made up of the same stardust.
Can’t you feel the magic, holding it all down?

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