The Daydreamer- II

Here's the second part of "The Daydreamer Series". For the first part, Click here. Enjoy! 😀 ❤ “Are you okay? Seems like you haven’t slept at all last night!” Asmita asked, looking at her swollen eyes. “You know, you can tell me, right?” Said Asmita, “if anything is bugging you, I’m here to listen.” “I... Continue Reading →


The Daydreamer- I

“Hi! I’m Sohum.” “Hey! I’m Netra.” “So, where are you from? You look new here.” they were walking down the corridor when she heard a voice. “Miss Netra?! Would you answer the question, please?” “Netra! Netra!!”Asmita shook her friend. “What are you thinking? Get up! Mr. Sharma is asking something! Say the answer’s ‘True’.” Coming... Continue Reading →

Mundane or Magical..?

You pass by the streets every day, A mundane existence, you’d say, But magic of it, you can’t deny, That lays in everything, From the things that crawl to the beings that fly... You see the children playing, A mundane sight for you, you’re saying, But look at the magic they bring to the ground,... Continue Reading →


Hey there! Here's another collaboration by Kritika, Pranav and me. Hope you like the Rebels! 😀 We scream we shout, We live with doubts, The color in this black and white world, The ones who shout out! Can't live with us, Can't live without, Attempts to tame us? Will go in vain, no doubt. (Sakshi)... Continue Reading →


Away from the populace, In my own cribbed space, A place I would call home, A place where I'll find solace.. Where my dreams, Will find a way, Where my hopes, Will be there to stay.. It'll be a mess, I can see, Haven't yet found a way, To be less lazy.. But there will... Continue Reading →

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