2016 Wind- up

Hey there!

The clock is ticking rather slow, or may I say its one second late this year (another second added to 2016). All of you must be gearing up for the new year’s celebrations. I’d like to hear some of your plans. 😀

2016 has been a year with lots of twists and turns, tantalizing highs and traumatizing lows. We’ve lost lots of people this year to death. Some of our favorite faces bade goodbye to us to travel to someplace we call heaven. Then, there were terror attacks all over the world and the Syrian conflict, the year 2016 had a lot of lows. In the political front, people were hit by waves (or may I say Tsunamis?) like Brexit, Demonetization, and Donald Trump winning the US presidential elections! On the positive front, here’s a list of things that happened this year that made 2016 not that bad..

  • The Rio Olympics featured more female athletes than ever before. Sportswomen like PV Sindhu and Sakshi Malik save the day for India.
  • India turned on the world’s largest solar power plant – spanning 10 sq km – in the state of Tamil Nadu.
  • Sri Lanka became ‘Malaria- Free’.
  • Measles has been eradicated in the Americas – the first time the disease has been eliminated from an entire world region
  • The first solar powered plane completes a round the world trip, with Bertrand Piccard as its solo pilot.
  • In the entertainment front, we saw clashes of Batman and Superman, Captian America and Iron Man, some of the most awaited clashes.
  • J. K. Rowling published Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Fantastic Beasts and where to find them is released. 😛
  • Umm.. Leonardo Di Caprio won the oscar for the best actor (finally!).

Source: What went right in 2016BBC- World NewsThe Guardian

For me, this year will be known as “The one with lots of traveling.. :P” and also “The one where I learned to set my priorities straight.. :D”. In all, it has been an awesome year and I’ve learned A LOT!

My blog became a year old, and I cannot thank you all enough for being here. 🙂

Moving on to 2017, some of my friends and I have planned to launch a page, “The Neophyte Wordsmiths” on Facebook. Visit us to see some amazing write- ups from the neophytes. 😀 We’ll be launching it on the first day of 2017. 🙂

Hope you have an awesome ending to 2016, and 2017 brings more positivity to your life. 🙂 ❤

Good Bye! Have a great day! 🙂


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