2016 Wind- up

Hey there! The clock is ticking rather slow, or may I say its one second late this year (another second added to 2016). All of you must be gearing up for the new year's celebrations. I'd like to hear some of your plans. 😀 2016 has been a year with lots of twists and turns, …

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A Day to Myself

Hey there! Here's another collaboration between Pranav and I. Enjoy! आज खुद के साथ एक पल बिताना है, कुछ किस्से दफन थे जो ज़हन में, आज उन्हे लफ्ज़ों में पिरो, उनके बोझ को परे हटाना है.. आज खुद के साथ एक पल बिताना है । जो खो गई थी हंसी, औरों की राह ताकते- ताकते, …

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I love you to the moon and back, You said.. Our eyes shining brighter than, The stars above our heads. Four eyes glimmering, Like the lights below, Two hearts yearning, To feel something more than hollow.. How much I hoped for it, To never end, Counting stars and, Talking offbeat trends. Two souls entangled, In …

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