Forever and AlwaysπŸ’—

Andrea, a single mother lived with her only daughter, Elsa. The family of two lived in a small apartment, in a populous area. She worked really hard to provide her daughter with everything that she possibly could, to see her happy. Her whole life revolved around her daughter. She never let anything get in their way. Not even her happiness. She had had a hard time, when her husband left her. No explanations, no letters exchanged, he just left a 4- months pregnant Andrea, sleeping in her apartment, never to be seen again. Having been gone through all this, there was no way she could let another man ruin their lives. There was no way she could let Arham in, even when there seemed no sense of betrayal.

Elise was Andrea’s best friend, her support system. She had always been there for her, be it sunshine or bone- chilling storms. After Andrea’s husband left, without any trace, she was the one to provide her solace. A friend, who collected all her broken pieces and helped her to build herself, she helped her to stand on her own feet. She helped her to educate her daughter enough to be able to stand on her own feet. And now, she wanted something in return.

She wanted her friend to stop being lonely. She wanted her to be happier. Andrea had met Arham, when Elsa was fifteen. He had just moved in the neighborhood. A spark that had died a long time ago, had ignited again as she met him. But, she was always the one to ignore all the signs. Was always engrossed in her daughter’s betterment, and rightly so. But he wasn’t the one to give up so easily. He waited for her, standing by her side.Β  This was something, Elise’s eyes couldn’t ignore despite her friend’s constant denial.

“Why don’t you agree? Just give him a chance, at least for once. I can see you like him too. Don’t do that to yourself.” Elise retorted.

“How does it matter? I am perfectly happy with my daughter. Whatever I do, will have an effect on her too. I don’t want to drag her into any kind of mess.”

“Not everyone is the same, Andrea, you have to understand that. You cannot extrapolate that things are not going to work out! At least give him one chance.” Andrea stopped Elise from talking any further as she heard footsteps approaching. Elsa had returned from work. Elise bade farewell to her friend, asking her to think about it.

Things were going as usual, he visited them often. Something, which was now being noticed. Andrea couldn’t get herself out of her cage. A cage she had built around herself, since the past few years. But one day, things changed. She found herself out of this cage. And she found the key in an envelope, kept in her closet. The key, which was in her hands, in the form of a letter.

Dear Mom,
You might get surprised on finding this letter in your closet. I would probably be at work listening to the problems and ranting of my clients, thinking about you. About all the time you did the same for me. About the person who has always hidden her problems behind that beautiful smile. I always find myself at a loss of words while appreciating all that you’ve been doing for me. Always made sure that I had everything I needed. Always made sure that the little mind of mine never complained about not having someone to call “Dad” by my side. The way you handled yourself, when he left without any reason, without even dropping a hint. The way you put your nose on the grindstone to give me all the luxuries that you could, everything just makes me feel so proud to be your daughter.

Last week, when Aunt Elise visited, I overheard a part of your conversation. The part you wouldn’t talk to me about. You shushed her as soon as you heard my footsteps. (Yep! The walls are thin mum..) I’ve been thinking about this since then, and I totally agree with her! Yep! I do. I think you should give him a chance.

From the day I was born, till now, you’ve only been living for me. I want to change that, a bit.
I really want you to be a little selfish, to live for yourself, once in a while. I’ve seen him with you, there’s a spark, and I can definitely see that! You’d smile at this, and maybe get angry at me. But, I want you to be happy. You’d say you are happy. You’d think about what others will say. About that, you know how much your friends and I love you. And we want to see you happy! It doesn’t matter at all what others think, they weren’t there when you were raising me, all by yourself. Your friends were, and I think they want you to give him a chance, to give a chance to love. To give a chance to more happiness, maybe?

You’ve been hurt before, we all know. But there’s another chance to start afresh. Don’t push it away, please. Give it a thought mum. You’ve always told me to trust my instincts. Now my instincts tell me, it is going to be alright. You’ve lived for me all these years, now I want my mum to live for herself, once in a while. I don’t want anyone to be my Dad, that, you have been doing perfectly well. I want him to be your friend, who’ll be there with you. I want a friend for you, who’ll be sharing your joys, hopes and dreams. I want someone who’ll be there with you, when I’m not able to.

Just know that, whatever happens, we’ll love you.

Forever and always.

Hoping you’ll give it a thought. πŸ™‚


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  1. It is difficult to trust after getting betrayed. When you have the responsibility of your child on you, trust-issue increases to tenfold. But that is the time when the child should support his/her single parent. I love Elisa. What she did is a mature act.
    We need to support the ones in need who supported us throughout our life, and this story says it aloud. πŸ™‚

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