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Andrea, a single mother lived with her only daughter, Elsa. The family of two lived in a small apartment, in a populous area. She worked really hard to provide her daughter with everything that she possibly could, to see her happy. Her whole life revolved around her daughter. She never let anything get in their... Continue Reading →


Daily Prompt: Scorched

via Daily Prompt: Scorched Scorched by his blazing anger, The anger that knew no bounds, Not a piece to shield herself, She stood there waiting for him to calm down, After he was gone, Her brother brought the music of the stars, To lighten up the life inside her, To treat the burning scars.. Only... Continue Reading →

3- Day Quote Challenge

Hey there! How are you people? Havin' a great Sunday, aren't ya? 😀 So, today is the third and last day of the Quotes Challenge. Hope you liked reading those quotes. 🙂 Do you know that today's Edwin Hubble's birth anniversary? Yep! the same person the Hubble Space Telescope's named after. He was the one... Continue Reading →

3- Day Quote Challenge

Day- 2 Hey there people! It's the second day of the Quotes Challenge. Also, today is Smt. Indira Gandhi's 100th birth anniversary. So, I thought I'd share some of her views with you. 🙂 For those who don't know, Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi has been, to date the only female Prime Minister of India. She was one... Continue Reading →

3- Day Quote Challenge

Day-1 Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing great. 🙂 I've been nominated by Shonessa for the 3- day challenge. I'm really grateful for this. 😀 Rules for this challenge:- 3 quotes in a day. 3 nominees each day, not repetitive. Thank the person who nominated you. Inform the nominees. Today's theme would be the quotes by... Continue Reading →

Is there any hope for me?

Can I dream to be free? Is there any hope for me? With the guns and tanks pointed, From my home I had to flee. Can I dream to be someone, Who can read and learn? For the weapons have destroyed, My temple of education. Can I dream to sleep, Without breaking into sobs and... Continue Reading →


Every good wish, Every good deed, Like ripples they spread, Elating everyone in need.. The ripples of joy, The joy of being loved, Spreading out on the faces, Unknown or beloved.. These ripples of joy, They die out hard, Emulating and spreading, From everyone else's heart.. So, quit thinking, That this doesn't matter at all,... Continue Reading →

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