Blogoversary 😁🎉🎊

Hey there guys!!

What’s up people? Hope you all are doing great. I’m good too 🙂 (Actually, it feels great!!😂😁) Umm.. getting too excited?? Nah! I don’t think so. 😛


It’s the festive season. You all must be busy shopping and cleaning and this and that. So, let’s get to the point, shall we?

Today’s the day when I published my very first post in the blogosphere!:

The Kleptomaniac 😁

And, I haven’t stopped since then. It just feels so great! Feels like it’s my birthday too.😂😂😂 Maybe because this is the platform where I publish my emotions-turned-into-poems. Maybe because it somehow gives me a sense of achievement, I’m really really glad that I started it, and I’m looking forward to improving myself more and more with this. Hope the Rising Phoenix keeps soaring into higher skies. 🙂

And I cannot thank enough to all of you who have been following me, who have been listening to my voice all this time. It means a lot. :’) 🙂


And for those who have just started following, here are some old poems I’d like to share 😊

And the two stories that I’ve published till now.. (Not much, I know.. I know..)

I’ll come up with more in the near future. Till then, stay tuned. 😁

PS: This is the 50th post, I’ve been informed! 😀


Have a great day! 😀



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