Stories from a raindrop

The raindrops falling on my window pane,
Whispered stories unheard of,
As I sat there listening to the rain,
Listening to the music of the raindrops..

They sang of distant lands,
They sang of folklores mighty,
How they had travelled from the sands,
To the mountains mighty..

One sang a story of ancient lands,
Where the kings and queens once lived,
It wondered why with passing trends,
The switch of peace hadn’t been flipped…

One told me ’bout a generous being,
Who lived just across the street,
How he gave shelter to the fellow beings,
From the thunderstorms and flowing streets..

And I listened to them,
Still confounded by the stories,
Wondering which one to accept,
The appalling truth, or the unheard human glories…

The drops stayed silent,
For me to choose..
Between the words violent,
Or those calling for a truce..

A wise one just told me,
It’s on you what you choose,
To fill your life with sunlit positivity,
Or let it hang in negativity’ s noose…



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