Her Smile :)

She walked down the aisle,
With a graceful smile,
Everyone appreciating the beauty,
That reflected in their eyes..

They said her smile was beautiful,
And her demeanour so tasteful,
But never knew what lay behind,
The grace and demeanor bountiful..

As she walked and talked,
Her past stood locked,
In diaries that lay amidst the dust,
Only things that never broke her trust..

Only they knew of the struggles,
Only they knew how she juggled,
Her sleepless nights and weary days,
You don’t get that smile from an easy phase..

The pages had seen her cry it out,
The pages, they carried all her doubts,
Her dreams and hopes and aspirations,
Had all been fulfilled by perspiration..

And now she stood there,
From home, she had traveled miles,
But only the pages knew,
Of the struggles behind the graceful smile..

Image Source: Pinterest

Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved · Rising Phoenix


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