Another day, another night, Spent without you, Without feeling alright.. Another hour, Another second, The time passes too slow, The pain never ends.. Another wish, Another dream, Of your presence, That voids the dark like a sunbeam.. Another word, Another phrase, Keeps reminding me of the times, Spent in company of your gaze.. Another time,... Continue Reading →


Blogoversary 😁🎉🎊

Hey there guys!! What's up people? Hope you all are doing great. I'm good too 🙂 (Actually, it feels great!!😂😁) Umm.. getting too excited?? Nah! I don't think so. 😛 It's the festive season. You all must be busy shopping and cleaning and this and that. So, let's get to the point, shall we? Today's... Continue Reading →


Called him tainted, As a different picture he had painted, They tried to fix him up, Instead messed it all up.. He tried to comprehend, How it all went out of hand, Confounded and battered, But the will to grow didn't ever descend.. He carried up his broken pieces, He started with the climb, The... Continue Reading →

Wild things

We want to run free, We crave to go wild, Afraid of commitments, Still acting like a child.. We want to fly high, We want to dive deep, But the funny thing's that, Our legs don't even creep.. We dream of a wild world, We crave to run free, Only to realize that, Nothing comes... Continue Reading →

Stories from a raindrop

The raindrops falling on my window pane, Whispered stories unheard of, As I sat there listening to the rain, Listening to the music of the raindrops.. They sang of distant lands, They sang of folklores mighty, How they had travelled from the sands, To the mountains mighty.. One sang a story of ancient lands, Where... Continue Reading →

Her Smile :)

She walked down the aisle, With a graceful smile, Everyone appreciating the beauty, That reflected in their eyes.. They said her smile was beautiful, And her demeanour so tasteful, But never knew what lay behind, The grace and demeanor bountiful.. As she walked and talked, Her past stood locked, In diaries that lay amidst the... Continue Reading →

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