In the concrete jungle..

In the concrete jungle,
Where dreams are build up every day,
Where there’s everything for everyone,
But it’s not a place to rest or stay..

In the concrete jungle,
She would build her dreams,
That she dreamt of everyday,
Until she heard the screams..

The screams of long forgotten dreams,
Waiting to be given a chance,
The hyenas laughed at her face,
Laughed at her grand plans..

All she did was turn a deaf ear,
To all the flaying and mutterings,
Some instances of tears,
When she felt the butterflies in her stomach fluttering..

She went on with her head held high,
She felt the cold,
As the snakes slithered by..

She couldn’t see through the camouflage..
As they went on with their sweet- talking masks,
But all they planned, was sabotage..

Sabotage her dreams..
And cage her like the rest,
But she had heard the screams,
She would fight hard giving her best..

She told herself loud and clear,
To be more and more bold,
As into shreds they could tear,
Her plans, truth be told..

Now, she held on to whatever was near..
And then jumped up high,
Didn’t care about the scratches,
As she soared up to the sky..

Now, she flies high..
Higher than scrapers,
Now she lays low,
Her sightings in every paper..

Well, she remembers,
Every one of the scars..
The scars a reminder of the ground..

And even though everything had changed,
Beneath the surface..
That old girl could be found..

I would like to dedicate these words to the sportswomen who are making us proud with their game. 🙂

These women are the proof that when girls are educated and trained in the right direction, they can make the dreams of the whole nation come true.

In the Picture: Sakshi Malik

Pic credits: Times of India



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  1. Wow.. This poem is really beautiful. 🙂 It’s lovely that you dedicate meaningful poems to women who are fighting and trying hard to make their nations proud!

    Liked by 1 person

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