People change..

People change,

When they really want to..

People change,

When it’s enough that they’ve gone through..

People change,

But they stay the same..

People change,

As you knew nothing of them except their names..

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22 thoughts on “People change..

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    1. The thing is, when we get to know someone, we cannot be sure we know them entirely. And when they do something that we hadn’t expected, we think that they’ve changed.

      It’s up to you if you care about the changes in people. We cannot worry about every small change that occurs, neither can we ignore the big surprises these changes bring.. 🙂


      1. Bang on! :’D Change is inevitable and still hits us right in the feels when we’re least expecting it from people we thought we knew.

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  1. People change when they really have to
    People change when they have something to gain
    People change as they grow older
    People change when they meet other people
    People change when they get drunk
    People change when it suits their mood.
    And a thousand other reasons that only they know about.

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  2. Yes although we feel as if we are the same person and constant, we are changing all the time. The question arises is there anything constant about us? and why do we feel as if we have a fixed identity? Something , some inner essence must stay the same for artists leave a recognisable stamp of themselves on their work.

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