A while ago, I saw two little beings, With their own world around them.. Those two little things... Those two little beings, With their little hands, They built some castles, In the sand.. She jumped through the bridges, And he followed, They ran through the ridges, The mountains bowed.. Beneath their feet, The lava flows..... Continue Reading →


In the concrete jungle..

In the concrete jungle, Where dreams are build up every day, Where there's everything for everyone, But it's not a place to rest or stay.. In the concrete jungle, She would build her dreams, That she dreamt of everyday, Until she heard the screams.. The screams of long forgotten dreams, Waiting to be given a... Continue Reading →

People change..

People change, When they really want to.. People change, When it's enough that they've gone through.. People change, But they stay the same.. People change, As you knew nothing of them except their names.. Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved · Rising Phoenix


Independence.. The path wasn't easy, Soaked in martyrs blood, And Gandhi's ways, We had to part ways, With the frenemy whom now we face.. Independence... We need from the disparities, From the deep- rooted, Persistent inequalities, So that the women won't have to fight, For what is their right. Independence.. We need from the selfishness,... Continue Reading →


What is it like? To be alive? Is it the way we laugh, Or the way we dance like there's no tomorrow.. Is it the conversations, Taking one turn to another, Never ending rantings.. And never ending stories.. I feel alive to be with you, I feel alive it's nothing but the truth, I feel... Continue Reading →

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