Do you know? I don’t think you do..

That you spread joy like a wildfire,

And everyone into it, you can lure…

With your eyes filled with

Mischief and love so pure.

You could cure the blues for sure…

I know I’m the strongest for you,

But, I’m weak on my knees,

Just as I’m standing in front of you…

My little bundle of joy..

Do you have a clue?

It is utter bliss, just holding you…

With your little hands..

Wrapped around my fingers,

Its like every wish of mine has come true..

PS: Who inspired this post? Those cute little rays of sunshine, that can turn frowns to smiles. Why babies?  Ummm.. IDK maybe because I couldn’t resist myself from writing about the warm fuzzy feelings. I guess that’s bizarre enough explanation for this equally bizarre post. We’ll meet again when another bizarre topic strikes me.. 😀

Till then, ciao. Hope you have a great day!


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