A Picture Of Your Mind

If you could, draw me a picture of your mind, The way colors are splashed beyond the lines.. Show me the bright colors, Of your days ecstatic and joyous.. Show me the blues and greys, Of your remorseful days.. Show me blank white left, When you poured it out through your eyes off your chest..... Continue Reading →



Do you know? I don't think you do.. That you spread joy like a wildfire, And everyone into it, you can lure... With your eyes filled with Mischief and love so pure. You could cure the blues for sure... I know I'm the strongest for you, But, I'm weak on my knees, Just as I'm... Continue Reading →

The journey

There are no shortcuts to a place worth visiting.. The journey's daunting, But that's the only thing that'll matter, As the memories start piling.. You fall.. You crawl.. You lose your mind.. The memories are flooded, with things left behind.. You shiver.. You wither.. A flower facing the cold.. You find things happening, the things... Continue Reading →

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