Breathtaking Sinhagarh! :D

Today, the bug of posting something new bit me. I’ve only been posting poems, stories and the award nominations I get. This would be the first post about a travel experience, kind of like a diary entry. Without further ado let me tell you about my amazing experience to this astounding place, Sinhagad in Pune.

Sinhagarh is a fort located roughly 33 kms southwest of the city of Pune, Maharashtra. It was built around two thousand years ago. Originally called Kondana Fort, it was renamed the Lion Fort (Sinha= Lion, Garh= Fort). Located about 4300 feet above sea level, this is the perfect place to visit during monsoon (would be better to take your rain gear with you..)

It was a road trip. We drove all the way from Aundh (Pune) starting at about 1 p.m. The sky was filled with clouds which went unnoticed by us, resulting in us forgetting our rain gear. So, we were going to be totally drenched due to the pitter- patter till we got back. For me, road trips are always fun, and when it’s raining, it adds an extra thrill to the trip. 😀 (Speaking of thrills, the best is yet to come.)

A lovely path to the mesmerizing destination.

After riding all the way from Aundh to Sinhagarh, we quietened our growling stomachs with hot kanda bhajias and roasted corn. (No, I didn’t take any pictures of those; I was too busy eating them.) 😛 Then, started our journey to the Sinhagarh fort. Riding through the hilly terrains was a mesmerizing experience. The mighty hills, with the fog covering their tops are a sight to see.

A Treat for the Eyes

We traversed towards our destination riding for a while on our scooters through the serpentine roads. Then, we decided to park our scooters and walk all the way up as the road traffic was jam- packed. We walked all the way up getting all soaked up in rainwater. After walking for a while, we saw a spot for climbing up one of the hills. People were climbing the still untouched hills, helping themselves by holding onto the nearby rocks. It seemed quite dangerous to me (and it was..). The way was a bit slippery due to the rains. However, we decided to climb. The view was breathtaking and I was honestly breathless. So, I sat there for some time, while the others decided to climb a bit more.

The One where the Adventure Started



After some sightseeing, we climbed down the hill, and by that time, we were totally drenched. Then, we walked up the road to the fort. Still, there was no relief from the downpour. We climbed up the fort’s grand entrances and had our pics clicked (the necessary ritual). It was already dusk by the time we started going back.

Now, on our way down, we had some really nice hot and steaming tea and pakoras. The relief you get from eating hot food while you are sodden with tiredness and rainwater is immeasurable. After having our meals, we were on our way back, again on foot. While walking on the dark road, we started conversing about ‘Conjuring2’. (A great conversation to have while you are walking down a mountain road in the dark.. ). 🙈

And as we walked down the path, there it was, the most stunning sight of the day (Or may I say night?). We could see the whole city enveloped in darkness. Only the glimmering lights from the buildings and vehicles were visible. The sight left me awestruck. This is something you want to capture forever in your memory. The shimmering lights reflected on a lake, you see nothing but small dots of lights like the stars on a dark cloudless night.


We found our scooters right where they had been parked, (Thanked God a ton for this..) and rode all the way back to Aundh. It was a mesmerizing and bittersweet experience for me that would be remembered for years to come. Had a really great time!!😁

See You Soon. 😀 🙂

GoodByee 😀

PS: Do try and pay a visit to this place.. 🙂


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