The Happiness Tag

Hello everyone!!

Hope everyone’s doing great. Here I am again, as I’ve been tagged by Nelly Cherry for the ‘Happiness Tag’. I’m really thankful for that. I guess talking about things that make me happy somehow will make me happy. Because lately, being far from home has really been a mood killer. Okay, first things first. Now, I’m gonna stop sulking and tell you about the details of this tag.

The rule book says,

1. Name 5 things that make you happy
2. Name 5 songs that make you happy
3. Nominate 5 bloggers to continue the tag.

  1. Starting with 5 things that make me happy 😀
    1. Music
    2. Dancing
    3. Reading and writing
    4. Traveling
    5. Listening to people’s stories..
  2. Songs that make me happy..
    1. The Climb (Miley Cyrus) This song really motivates me to keep going no matter what, and go through everything with an open mind. Its not the destination, it’s the journey that matters.
    2. Enchanted (Taylor Swift) Love at first sight, and then really wishing that the person would reciprocate your feelings. This song is exactly about that.
    3. Can’t stop the feeling (Justin Timberlake) Can’t stop dancing on this single.
    4. Dil Dhadakne Do (PeeCee and Farhan Akhtar) Can I include this? Well, I already did.. Love this track. 🙂
    5. Photograph (Ed Sheeran) Wait for me to come home…
  3. And now, it’s time for tagging my fellow bloggers..
    1. Stories from my Diary ❤
    2. Your Average Peahead
    3. Poorva Gattani..
    4. Dimensions
    5. VipashaMehta

Stay happy!  🙂 ❤

Thank you!


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