Blogger Recognition Award

Hey there!

So, here I am yet again with another award nomination. This one is the ‘Blogger Recognition Award’. I’m really grateful for this. πŸ™‚

I’ve been nominated byΒ NikhilΒ for this one. He is one ‘Weirdly Wired’ person who writes about lots of stuff including his experiences in IIT-B. Do check out his blog. I found it really insightful.

Now, the rule book for this award states that..

To accept your award you must:

1. Write a post to show your award.
2. Acknowledge the blogger that nominated you.
3. Give a brief story about how you got started blogging.
4. Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers.
5. Nominate 15 bloggers for the award.

And now, the story goes like this..

With my newfound talent of writing, I started creating poems and stuff (mostly poems). I would write these and send these to my friends to read. Then, one of my friends suggested that I should start a blog. Didn’t give it much thought at that time. But, after a few weeks, really wanting to try something new, I started this blog. Initially named it ‘sakshi1307’ (then dissatisfied, changed it to ‘Rising Phoenix’). My very first post beingΒ The Kleptomaniac.

So, here I am, with some really wonderful people to follow and equally wonderful followers. It’s been really great meeting you people here. Your hearty appreciation has been a driving force for me. πŸ˜€

The advice giving part. It sounds really funny to me, that I have to give advice to people, when I still feel like a newbie. πŸ˜› However, I would like state that, you should be yourself. Voice out your opinions. That’s the only thing I can say. πŸ™‚

The nominations are as follows:

Thank you once again! πŸ™‚



13 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award

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  1. Sakshi, first of all, A big THANK YOU for nominating me; I know I am late but see, I came across it JUST Now. So, secondly, please accept my apologies.
    My lifestyle leaves very little time for blogging and I am absolutely zero at marketing my blogs.
    Yet, for the fact that you considered my blog for this nomination, thanks a lot. It means so much.

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