Breathtaking Sinhagarh! :D

Hola!! Today, the bug of posting something new bit me. I’ve only been posting poems, stories and the award nominations I get. This would be the first post about a travel experience, kind of like a diary entry. Without further ado let me tell you about my amazing experience to this astounding place, Sinhagad in... Continue Reading →


For Dad,..

पापा, पहले पैरों, फिर दो पहियों से, चलना और आगे बढ़ना सिखाया है आपने। रास्ता चाहे जैसा भी हो, मैं मंज़िल को पाउँगी ऐसा हौसला जगाया है आपने। चाहे मुठ्ठी में आसमाँ हो, सितारों का जहाँ हो, अपनी जड़ों से जुड़े रहना सिखाया है आपने। हर चीज़ की अहमियत के बारे में, एक पाठ पढ़ाया... Continue Reading →

Nothing’s Black or White

Maybe, there is nothing wrong, Or right.. It's never always, Black and white... With the eyes that see, The perceptions change.. There's always something grey, I see in everything within range... Nobody's perfect in this world, Why deny with such chutzpah? Perfection never stayed intriguing to anyone, Until it was found to have a flaw..... Continue Reading →

The Reunion

She walked down the hallway, going back to her apartment. It had been a tiring day for her. She was happy though, in her left hand, she carried the presents she got from her colleagues. The scenarios of the whole day were playing in her head. They hadn't given her even a slightest clue that... Continue Reading →

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