A piece of me

All you are is a piece of me, Flowing through my pen into this realm.. You go deep like the sea, You are stormy, you are calm.. You soar high to the sky, For the scrapers too take a bow.. And every time, I leave a piece of me.. With the words in you they... Continue Reading →


That’s My MOM..

Mumma, When I wake up everyday, I see you in the kitchen, Hurrying your way, With your food, you leave us smitten everyday, "Is she a chef,  by the way?" "Nah! She's just my mum I'd say.. " When we can't see anything, In our anger's haze, You dodge the bullets of our tantrums, With... Continue Reading →

The Summer’s having Mood Swings

The summer's having mood swings, It can't decide to stay or leave, Its a bummer for the fluttering wings.. Though a sigh of relief they heave.. When the day goes dark.. And There's pitter patter in the park, With the darkest clouds, I'm sure they want to sing out loud.. The summer's having mood swings,... Continue Reading →

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