And the story goes on..

So I was sitting there,
Thinking what to do next,
Maybe study something,
Oh! I have to reply to that text..

And then one thing struck my mind,
And then another,
But nothing did remind,
Me of the book that lay midst the clutter..

So I sat there thinking and thinking,
When a realization dawned,
That I need to start studying,
Ugh! How I moaned..

And then I started reading the book,
Gosh! It was tiring,
Sooo much effort it took,
To read every fine writing…

And then 5 minutes passed,
As slow as they could go,
A thing, my mind it crossed,
And then what happened? You know.

I drifted along with the air,
To some conversation of the past,
And then I started playing with my hair,
How long does the dreaming last!!!

Then I struck myself in the head,
I had to stop!
And study instead..

So I looked at the book,
Now, nothing can pull us apart,
And then one look it took,
And I started admiring the art..

Well the story goes on and on,
On and on I can go..
But I really need to study,
And what will happen next? You know..


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