What if everything’s an illusion?

An illusion that we are living in?

What if all of us are dreaming?

And all our dreams sync in..

What if we wake up?

Wake up to something entirely new?

And realize that all that was just a dream?

Would I be there with you?

What if it all is just a dream?

And the wars didn’t rage on?

What if we woke up someday..

And saw that nothing had been blown?

Where the children slept a sound sleep,

Where there are no mothers who’d weep?

No fear of a bomb dropping by..

And no vultures soaring up in the sky?

It would feel so right..

It would feel so good,

When out of the illusion,

Everyone would be understood..

Where there would be no lies,

No secrets would be kept,

What if everyone there is waking us up?

In that ideal world while we slept..


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